Greed shouldn't spoil state's beauty

It is so sad when people get so greedy that they completely disregard anyone else. I'm speaking of Florence Erickson's property becoming the home for two huge billboards on Highway 26 at Haley Road. The state made a wise move when they banned large billboards along our highways. But because this ruling was not in effect when she purchased the property, should this give her the right to bypass it now? We live in a beautiful state and that beauty should not be marred by huge billboards.

Marilyn Rasmussen


Peace activists haven't learned history's lessons

How peaceful the Christian pacifists look in the photo on the front page of Wednesday's Outlook. They are mature ladies. That means that they have been alive long enough for soldiers in World War II and the 'Cold War' at least, to have saved their right to pray and call for no more war.

It also means that they have not learned the lessons of that history. We now face the greatest single threat our civilization has ever faced, radical Islam, which offers us the choice only to convert or die. The answer to this mortal threat to our civilization is war to the death, theirs or ours. We give them war and death on their soil now, or on ours later.

It's really that simple. Ignore it at your peril.

George Schneider


Senate bill won't change minds but will change harassing behavior

Regarding a March 26 Oregonian opinion by Greg Allen. He wrote, 'Many Oregonians of faith … base … convictions about homosexuality on the … Bible's teaching … laws that already criminalize acts of hostility and harassment should be allowed to work for all. But Senate Bill 2 mandates … prohibition on the free exercise of religious conscience …'

I say relax, calm down, pray if you want. SB2 isn't going to force you to change your opinions, just as it won't change how I feel about your sometimes twisted view of Christianity.

You can still disagree with my lifestyle, just as you'll never accept that we worship the same God. But the good news is that we can just agree to disagree. What I think SB2 will not allow you to do is scream insults at me, maintaining that I am a sinner, and that I am going to burn in hell.

You would think that what Mr. Allen said previously, 'laws that already criminalize acts of hostility and harassment should be allowed to work for all,' would be enough. But until people stop choosing who will, or won't be included in the 'all' portion of that statement, other avenues must be explored.

Mr. Allen, I don't know you, but I'm going to do you a huge favor. To make things easier for you and everyone else with the same concerns, I hereby release you from all (self-appointed) responsibility regarding the eternal resting place of my soul.



Crime is result of activist judges, leniency

If any blame should be thrown around regarding the increase in crime in the Gresham area, it should be placed squarely on activist judges and lenient court cases. Is it any wonder that the Gresham area increase in crime is just a carryover from what is going on in the country as a whole?

Judicial activism causes crimes to increase and not following the rule of law provided by the constitution. Lenient sentences have made the Gresham-Rockwood area a place for crime and criminals to hang out. The firing of attorneys at the federal level has been a good initiative by the Bush administration. The health of a community and whether laws are being broken and gangs allowed to run free starts at the top, the Supreme Court, and its decisions all set a precedent on how the country will prosecute individuals and it affects all of us.

Until judicial restraint is carried out, we will continue to have drug problems in our neighborhoods, criminals set free and the continuous nonstop crime in our communities. The strict father is needed more than ever. Divorce is at an all-time high and children from single parent homes are running freely after dark. This has all been the result of judicial activism at the highest levels of the government. It is not a matter of when criminals will stop their rampage, but when the people decide how the courts will be judged on their decisions. Crime happens because we allow it by not following the rule of law and allowing activist judges in our courtrooms.

Mike Brink


Tirade on Republican corruption typifies hate infecting Left

As I read the liberal tag-team letters from Mike Mattingly and Will Barnett, I couldn't help but think of the old Chinese proverb, 'Large winds blow from hollow caves.'

Both letters would have you believe that the President can write spending bills; it is constitutionally impossible. The President proposes a budget, but the ultimate authority to write and pass legislation and spending bills rests solely with the Legislative branch of our government, namely with the House and Senate. It is a fact; deal with it.

As for the specific legislation Mr. Mattingly (or should that be 1970s liberal pundit Shana Alexander?) referenced in his original letter, the Pentagon asked for $7 million in its proposed budget for the Center for Brain Trauma.

The Republicans in the 109th Congress wrote that into their version of that spending bill; the Democrats in the 110th Congress could change that figure but as yet have not. Asking for $7 million and getting $7 million is known as being 'fully funded.' In Mr. Mattingly's world, asking for $7 million and getting $7 million is a 'cut.'

Interesting math - apparently you weren't paying attention in civics or arithmetic. Is $7 million enough? The director of the Center for Brain Trauma doesn't think so, but he either didn't lobby for more than $7 million or wasn't around when the Pentagon wrote that particular piece of their budget; I don't know which possibility is correct.

No doubt Mr. Mattingly or Mr. Barnett could Google something (gotta love Al Gore's Internet invention!) and will enlighten us further with additional wind.

As for the usual vicious tirade about Republican corruption, etc. etc. etc., I love it! Keep writing such venomous bilge - it so beautifully typifies the blinding hate infecting the Left today. As the bumper sticker says, 'Hate is NOT a family value.'


Eagle Creek

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