with Brenna Hoffman (track and field/girls basketball)
by: Michael Cade, Sandy track and field star Brenna Hoffman.

Sandy High School senior Brenna Hoffman is one of the most dynamic young athletes in the Sandy area. A quality basketball and volleyball player, Hoffman is also a blue-chip track and field athlete who is looking to run at the Division I level. Hoffman recently answered some of The Sandy Post's questions in a phone interview.

Q: Do you have your eye on any records this spring?

A: I'm going to re-break my school record, the district record and I'm hoping to break the state record in the 400.

Q: How much of your basketball game carries over to track?

A: Not very much. I think I bring elements of my personality. I'm the same person in basketball and track. I'm a competitor on the track and a competitor in basketball also.

Q: What makes coach Anouxa Vixathep so good at his job?

A: He's very good relating to us. He understands his athletes all the time. He really knows how to talk with his athletes on their individual/needed basis. He really cares, he knows his stuff.

Q: How much will the team miss Sheryl Page?

A: We're definitely going to miss her. We don't really have someone to replace her, of course, because of how great she was. But we do have other distance girls who have aspirations to compete at state. Sheryl's definitely a hard person to replace, not just in high school, but in the entire state of Oregon also.

Q: Who are some sleepers on the track team - some individuals who may not get a lot of press and may be kind of unheralded?

A: One of the girls that's really kept it up this entire time and has had a great attitude about it and is looking to get a lot better this year is Siara Leininger. She's got this great attitude and she's finishing all her workouts and is always looking to do everything that she needs to get it done.

Pat Fox is really going to do great in the field events and I think he's going to surprise a lot of people. He made it to state last year too. And we have a new sprinter this year - Garrett Cartner - he just returned to track this year and he's showing a lot of good speed in the short distances.

Q: What are some of your long-term track goals?

A: I'm eventually looking to be at a DI college and looking to win some titles, and hopefully go on to make the USA team and compete internationally.

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