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Not that anyone reading this column has anything to worry about - but did you know that the Oregon Lottery Commission is prepared to pull the lottery contract of any retailer caught hosting a March Madness pool? … And why, you might ask, would they do such a thing? … Well, to quote a sternly worded directive: 'Gambling is considered unlawful in Oregon if it is not specifically authorized by law.' Priceless. … Personally, I've got UCLA and Ohio State penciled in for the finals. … Harvey's Comedy Club impresario Barry Kolin is venturing into the TV world with a 9 p.m. Sunday show on Comcast (14), hosted by local funny man Ron Osbourne and called - are you ready for this? - 'Harvey's Comedy Show.' … 'Actually,' Osbourne said, 'we paid a marketing firm big bucks to come up with that name. Think we got our money's worth?' … Basketball great Magic Johnson, in town last week for a Portland State fundraiser at the convention center, spoke convincingly of the need for the wealthy to help those less fortunate. … As for himself, Magic said, he now owns 80 Starbucks, situated in urban areas and staffed by minorities. PSU President Dan Bernstine reportedly is leaning on him to buy one in P-town.

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People are still asking: What ever happened in the strange case of lawyer Heather Quinter, who at about 2:35 a.m. one night last July drove her car onto the sidewalk on Northeast 28th for at least a block, returned to the street, where she struck and seriously injured two pedestrians, then continued for another block before crashing into a parked car? … When asked six months ago, the DA's office said the case was 'still under investigation.' As of this week it's 'pending review' - which at least sounds like progress. But why all the suspense? … Maybe it's time to consider Mark Rothko another local boy made good. The New York Times reports that one of the Lincoln High (class of 1921) grad's abstract paintings is expected to sell for more than $40 million at auction next month. … The painting, 'White Center,' is described in news accounts as yellow and pink, and 7 feet tall. Imagine how much it might be going for if it were a few feet taller.

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When Portland State's new celebrity football coaches, Jerry Glanville and Mouse Davis, dropped by Stanich's at Northeast 49th Avenue and Fremont Street earlier this week, Glanville made the mistake of ordering the 'World Famous' fried egg, bacon, ham and cheese burger - 'but without the pickles, please.' … Retorted Debbie Stanich, who happened to be waiting tables that day: 'You must be new. When you're here, you do it our way.' … Glanville reportedly ate his pickles like a good boy. … More Sammy Davis Jr. news: Bill Sawyer, now approaching his 90th birthday, remembers distinctly that the year he began work as a broadcaster for KWJJ - 1948 as a matter of fact - he interviewed Sammy, who was then playing at the Clover Club. I certainly hope the DA's office is filing this away somewhere. … Now that they've finished remodeling the lobby and bar area, the Benson Hotel is celebrating this weekend with a new drink called the Benson Bubbler - a champagne cocktail with two kinds of orange liqueur, orange vodka and Dom Perignon. … And here we always thought the reason Simon Benson put all those fountains out there was to encourage the sailors to switch to water. Oh well.

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