New coach Jerry Glanville's calling card on defense is the 3-4. That will be a change for Portland State, which has used four down linemen and three linebackers. 'It'll be different; it's different every place we've gone. And there'll be a learning curve,' Glanville says. 'But it's always proven to be a lot of fun, and pretty successful, and I don't look for it to be any different here.'

The Vikings always have had more linebacker types than big defensive linemen; linebackers are easier to find. 'Even at Hawaii, the biggest and best linemen go to the big Division I teams, as a rule,' Glanville says, 'and there's always plenty of linebackers around.'

Some returning Viks no doubt will have to change position on defense, and Glanville says the slate is clean with him. 'I do not study the players on what they did last year, I only judge them on what results we're getting,' he says. 'The best year won't help you, and the worst year won't hurt you.'

- Steve Brandon

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