Police plan a monthlong public campaign before they issue tickets

Beaverton's new ordinance banning replica guns in public places took effect Sunday.

The ordinance prevents people with 'Air Soft' or other realistic-looking fake guns from carrying them around in public. It's the first such ordinance approved by a city in Oregon.

Beaverton police will not enforce the new ordinance until May 1, in favor of a 30-day public information campaign.

Police have prepared a brochure on the dangers of using replica firearms in an unsafe manner, the goals of the ordinance and how can an 'Air Soft' user can stay in compliance with the new law.

The brochure will be distributed to schools and businesses that sell replica firearms.

Copies also can be obtained at the police department or on the city's Web site,

'This ordinance grew from the desire of two of our patrol officers to look at safety issues associated with replica firearms that if not addressed, would one day lead to a tragedy in our community,' said police Chief David G. Bishop. 'The culmination of their efforts is an ordinance that provides safe guidelines for responsible users and penalties for those who choose to disregard public safety.'

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