by: David F. Ashton, After attempting to ditch the cops, the driver of the Acura stopped in front of this Woodstock house, and tried to escape on foot. He didn’t get far.

What makes a man speed off from a traffic stop, careen through southeast Portland neighborhoods, screech his car to a stop in front of a 'troubled' house, and run until cops take him down…?

Perhaps he was taking a 'dose of his own medicine'; police say he was holding enough pills to stock a pain clinic pharmacy.

It all started, Portland Police Bureau spokesman Sgt. Brian Schmautz told us, on Thursday, February 22nd--when a cop on patrol tried to talk with the driver of a black Acura at the corner of S.E. 82nd Avenue of Roses and S.E. Bush Street. No major infraction, we're told--just an illegal lane change.

But, the Acura took off, circled through the neighborhood, got back on 82nd Avenue, blew through a red light at S.E. Holgate Boulevard, weaving between cars, driving in the center lane, up to S.E. Foster Road, and then headed west. From there, the driver cut through a parking lot, and zigzagged until he ended up westbound on S.E. Woodstock Boulevard.

'We were set up to spike-strip his tires at S.E. 52nd Avenue,' Sgt. Craig Mendenhall told us on scene. 'But, he cut across the street, and came to a sudden stop facing the traffic--here in the 6100 block of S.E. Woodstock Boulevard.'

Instead of giving up, Mendenhall says, the suspect--clad in a red-and-green plaid woolen jacket--took off on foot. A patrol car 'pitted' [a controlled crash, using the heavy bumper on police cars] the passenger side of his Acura, to keep the door closed.

'The driver got 'Tazed' and pepper-sprayed as he attempted to flee,' Mendenhall explained. 'Bottom line is, he really didn't want to get caught.'

As officers patted down the uncooperative suspect, they found why he was running from them. 'Officers recovered what looks like street drugs, and a big wad of cash,' Mendenhall said.

'We don't know what kind of drugs they are, without testing. It could be meth - they've been putting meth into pill form. We now suspect he is a street-level dealer. He had multiple bindles of…what look like different kinds of pills. It looks as if there are about 20 pills in a bindle.'

Portland Fire and Rescue's Truck 25 pulled up, and medic/firefighters hopped out with their kits. Police policy requires that anyone who was shocked with a Tazer be medically checked out. The suspected drug-running driver was medically checked while languishing in the back of a police car.

'We suspect the driver or passenger knows someone who lives at the house where we're stopped,' Mendenhall told THE BEE.

As officers searched the Acura, neighbors walked up and watched the unfolding situation.

A woman, who asked not to be identified, gestured to the house, in front if which the suspect stopped. 'This house has a real history,' she said, raising her eyebrows.

She was joined by a neighbor who lives across the street, on the north side of Woodstock. 'If I'm not mistaken, this car was parked in front of my house this morning,' he commented. 'I've seen it here more than once, lately.'

Both neighbors agreed that the house in question has had a sordid history. 'Not long ago, someone died of a drug overdose in the garage,' the woman recalled.

The man said, 'Lots of people come and go from this house. Sometimes, there will be several cars parked both in the driveway and up on the lawn.' He shook his head as he walked off, and remarked, 'Maybe I've lived here too long.'

Sgt. Schmautz verified the suspect in custody was 27-year-old Dylan Pardue. 'He's a local resident.'

Pardue is known to local law enforcement and justice community; Schmautz added that he has three outstanding warrants, was on probation for identity theft, and was driving on a suspended driver's license.

Now, added to this list, Pardue has been charged with Attempt to Elude; Attempt to Elude on foot; Reckless driving; Reckless Endangering; Resist Arrest; Possession of Methamphetamine; Possession of Methadone; Possession of OxyContin; Distribution of Methadone; and Manufacture and Possession of a Controlled Substance.

Pardue had a passenger on his wild ride…but he was released, after being questioned by police. 'We didn't have 'probable cause' to take him into custody,' Mendenhall explained.

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