Filmmaker makes magic out of trash and a little imagination
by: Jonathon Nelson, 
Actors Elijah Nelson, 7, left, and his brother David Nelson, 11, sit within a spaceship used to film the movie

Scrap metal. Computer monitors. Office chairs. Flower pots. Guns. Coffee. A fog machine, Dumpster, red wagon and a dance floor.

The perfect ingredients for a short film about friendship and brotherhood, right?

Travis Zariwny - bundled in a wool hat with curly locks peeking out - stood in front of the scraps. As two kids climb around the metallic Disneyland, Zariwny gave some directions.

'Hey Elijah, lean a little bit more to your left. Eh, your other left. Good. Pretend like you're trying to see past the camera. Dude, an asteroid is about to hit you. Get it! Cue the smoke. Turn, turn. OK, awesome.'

On Sunday, March 25, a large asteroid was headed toward planet earth, SE Portland to be exact. Through the camera lens, West Linn resident and filmmaker Zariwny constructed a spaceship, and not only saved the planet but also gave meaning to some of the creatures on it - young brothers.

Through the short film titled 'Brothers,' Zariwny - working with his film friend Tyler B. Robinson - captured what it means to be young and imaginative. The film, a five-day project from

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