by: Michael Cade, Sandy High School boys tennis coach Aaron Raasch.

Sandy High School boys tennis coach Aaron Raasch comes from a family of gifted athletes. His younger brother Cooper was a star skier for the Pioneers and Raasch's father Brian was the coach for many of Sandy's great ski teams. Raasch recently answered some of The Sandy Post's questions in a telephone interview.

Q: What were some of the strengths of the 2001 (undefeated) boys tennis team you were a part of?

A: Our main strength was that our first three doubles were all seniors that had played all four years. So our doubles were very tough. Not a lot of teams have people that play that long. And we had Mark (Thorson) who did really well at first singles.

Q: What are your early impressions of Sandy's 2007 unit?

A: Caleb (Bowers) helps a ton - somebody that good, that young and is able to step up and play at second singles very well, that's a huge help. Our lower team is doing very well - our three's and our four's. Ben Hopper hasn't lost this year at fourth singles, and this is only his second year playing. He is an amazing athlete.

Q: You're studying to become a teacher. What subjects would you like to teach?

A: History or social studies.

Q: Given the chance, would you opt to stay and teach school in Sandy?

A: Yeah, I'd really like to stay in the community. I like my sports teams, I like the kids and the program. So yeah, I'd like to stay. If it's a choice between Sandy and somewhere else, I would choose Sandy.

Q: What things were you able to learn from your former coach at Sandy, (current girls tennis coach) Greg Thorson?

A: The biggest thing I learned from him - and something I never would've been able to figure out on my own - is drills. I had no clue how to do any of that stuff. Fundamentals. Just that kind of stuff. With tennis, that's just crucial. I teach that to the kids, so they now how to hit the ball.

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