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by: Michael Cade, Sandy girls golfer Anita Conklin.

Sandy High School sophomore Anita Conklin initially joined the Pioneer golf team as a way to spend more time with her friend, Ariel Blackburn. However, Conklin found herself enjoying the game so much that she now has developed something of a passion for it. Conklin recently answered some of The Sandy Post's questions in a phone interview.

Q: Had you ever played golf prior to joining the team at Sandy?

A: No, I only played putt-putt golf. I played golf with my Dad but I didn't really like it.

Q: Has Ariel been playing for a long time?

A: No, she just started freshman year.

Q: Are there any pro golfers you look up to or admire?

A: I try to watch the tournaments on the weekends. I really like Tiger Woods.

Q: What do you like best about Tiger's game?

A: He always practices. He knows he can always do better.

Q: Are there any other athletes you look up to besides Tiger?

A: My friend Sierra Warner. She always tries her best. No matter what, she always has fun.

Q: Have Ariel and Sierra helped you develop your own game?

A: Ariel helped me so much on my swing. I was doing so badly and she showed me I was going too far back. I've been doing so much better.

Q: What was your opinion of Rose City Golf Course, which the Pioneers played on April 4th?

A: It was really nice. I really liked it. I liked how it was really open but it was still challenging.

Q: How about the Hood River course, which the Pioneers played on March 21st? Was it windy?

A: Hood River was really, really windy. I didn't like that. It's really pretty and really nice with the view, but it was so windy. The wind would take your ball.

Q: What sort of classes do you enjoy at Sandy?

A: Well, I really like art class. I'm not taking it this year but I took it last year and I really liked that. I like drawing cartoons.

Q: Who is your favorite teacher?

A: I have two. My science teacher, Mr. McGee - he's really funny. He makes science fun. That's cool because I hate science so much (laughs). My writing teacher, Mr. Shepherd - we get along really well. I can goof off with him - he's not too uptight about it.

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