Unsafe windows target of grants

The Gresham Redevelopment Commission has granted $19,786 in urban renewal funds to replace unsafe windows in two apartment complexes.

The funding, approved on March 15, will replace single-pane aluminum frame windows at the Rockwood Apartments, 911 S.E. 187th Ave., and Hidden Villa Apartments, 618 S.E. 187th Ave.

Urban renewal commissioners have already approved two Apartment Rehabilitation Grants totaling $27,924 for the complexes. Those grants - $12,710 for Rockwood Apartments and $15,214 for Hidden Villa Apartments - were used to replace non-functional sliding glass doors, decks, rotten fences and lighting.

Wichita, Kans.-based Cypress Acquisition Group, which owns both complexes, didn't include windows in its previous application due to financial reasons, but in light of a recent break-in, asked for additional funding.

The Apartment Rehabilitation Grant Program is one of four matching-grant programs the city launched as part of the Rockwood/West Gresham urban renewal district approved by voters in November 2003. Improvements eligible for funding must increase security, discourage criminal behavior and boost the overall quality of life for residents within the urban growth boundary.

Funds come from reimbursement grants, meaning that the property owners must pay for all improvements up front. Only after showing proof of payment will the city reimburse them for half the costs.

Reimbursement ranges from $5,000 to $25,000 for the apartment program.

Because the maximum grant amount is $25,000 per property in any given five-year period, both apartment complexes were still eligible for additional funding.

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