District will get athletic apparel giant innovation grant April 25

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The Beaverton School District is in line for a big grant from international athletic shoe and apparel giant Nike.

On April 25, Nike will announce its new partnership with the Beaverton School District and the Beaverton Education Foundation through the Beaverton/Nike School Innovation Grants.

The program kicked off in January when Nike President Mark Parker gave $1 million to the Portland Public Schools. The grant was part of a five-year, $9 million program earmarked for quality education and leadership development in Beaverton, Portland and Hillsboro school districts.

Company spokesman Bob Applegate said many of the details of the program wouldn't be announced until the April 25 event.

However, he said funds in Portland and Hillsboro have gone primarily to administrative development.

'We're going to do something along those lines with Beaverton,' said Applegate.

He said it's also possible there might be funds available in Beaverton to finance early education programs.

Although Applegate declined to give the amount of money the Beaverton district would receive until the formal announcement, he said Hillsboro received $200,000 for the first year of the grant.

He pointed out that the districts wouldn't necessarily receive the same amount of money each year.

'There's no guarantee Portland gets a million next year,' he said. 'It may be more or less.'

This isn't the first time Nike has funded school-related educational programs, Applegate said. It is, however, the first time for a program of this magnitude.

Maureen Wheeler, Beaverton School District spokeswoman, said the district and Nike were wrapping up plans on what programs would get funding.

'We think it's wonderful,' Wheeler said of the program.

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