by: courtesy of Jackpot Records Film Festival, The Jackpot Records Film Festival kicks off Monday with footage of the Dead Kennedys.

If you could go back in time to just one rock show, what would it be?

For the fourth year running, Jackpot Records has unearthed rare concert footage and other artifacts-on-film from the past 30 years of popular music history.

Catch the Dead Kennedys live at the Earth Tavern in Portland on Nov. 19, 1979. See a roundtable discussion on the local TV show 'Town Hall' from 1984 in which local punk rockers attempt to explain their radical lifestyle to their flummoxed elders.

Watch hip-hop mature through a series of videos from the 1980s, and live footage of Otis Redding, the Talking Heads, the B-52s and the Runaways.

Music and film often have a symbiotic relationship, as legions of great music documentaries attest. But the staff members of Portland's two Jackpot record stores go for a more direct approach, assembling a week's worth of the kind of raw, vintage clips that often form the meaty core of talky, feature-length retrospectives.

However - psyched as you may be - restrain yourself from providing your own commentary during Psych/Garage Night. An annual highlight of the festival, and a favorite for those who remember Watergate, this year's 100-minute program brags no repeats from previous years.

From the infamous to the totally obscure, garage and psychedelic bands from the 1960s and '70s tune in and rock out in more than 25 mind-melting performances.

The highlight of last year's festival was a live performance by the legendary, elusive Jandek. This year, concert footage from that show, shot by local filmmaker Matt McCormick, will conclude the festivities.

This stuff is priceless, and not only that, it's free. Get to these screenings early if you want a seat.

- Anne Marie DiStefano

7 p.m. and 9 p.m. Monday-Friday, April 16-20, Hollywood Theatre, see for a complete schedule and program notes, free

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