Bike riders beware of uneven surfaces

I recently took my Cervelo road bike over the new pedestrian overpass on 195th and South Powell Boulevard in Gresham. Just north of there on the bike/walking trail there are what I call cobblestones.

The city of Gresham has put signs to warn bike riders to be careful. Going south to north was no problem. I think that kind of made me less cautious. Because on the way back north to south I may have been going a little too fast. The way those stones are laid made my bike shoot off the path. It hit the dirt, and I went flying. In my opinion, a few cracked ribs later, putting up signs here is like me putting up signs in my back yard warning people of land mines. These stones on a bike trail are a bad idea.

John Anderson


Christians not only ones objecting to gay marriage

I've been reading the back and forth letters to the editor between Louis Bowerman and Sue Cowan in regards to gay marriage. The latest letter from Sue Cowan indicated that the conservative right is trying to run this country based only on their Christian beliefs.

It is time for me to add my 2 cents to this issue:

The Koran believes homosexuality is an abomination and those practicing this should be stoned to death. Not exactly a right-wing group.

In Judaism, marriage is viewed as a contractual bond commanded by God in which a man and a woman come together to create a relationship. Not exactly a right-wing group.

It has been voiced and voted on by the people of Oregon that marriage should remain between a man and a woman. If this issue is so important, I would suggest that another referendum be brought up to the voters.

Jackie Bennett


Job issue needs to be confronted

I was heartened by The Outlook's editorial of June 18, which for the first time, admitted a most significant fact. Job growth in Oregon needs to focus on quality of jobs, not just jobs. I have rarely, if ever, seen any reporter in any publication ever mention what the pay and benefits were of jobs to be created by firms receiving millions of our tax incentives and loan guarantees.

That question and the reporting of the answer needs to be at the top of the story, not tucked and shrouded at the end.

The second issue in this quality question is how we prepare the people who need the work and the good pay to actually get those jobs. The answer is not complex but nonetheless is tough and expensive to do. We need jobs that require a high level of education, and we need to make it possible for the young men and women who need those jobs to actually get that education.

For this community to be what we want it to be, education does not mean a high school diploma. More kids need to get educated long past high school. That means a college degree or at least a community college degree or training.

So with all the numbers that do not get reported, let me suggest reporters consider one stunning number. With the unemployment rate 'down to 9.5 percent from 10.5 percent' would it surprise the editorial writers that the unemployment rate for college graduates has stood in the 4.5 percent range through the entire recession?

The second part of that math follows that non-college graduates have, then, probably suffered 16 percent-plus unemployment through all this time. That is a story that needs to be told outside the 'letters to the editor' page.

Mike McKeel


Questions about Dixon more about qualification

As a former teacher at Reynolds High School who taught with John Dixon ('Dixon promoted to assistant principal,' in the June 14 Outlook) for many years, my current concern is not whether John is guilty of 'gross neglect of duty' for his behavior toward a female student and a female coworker as determined by the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission in 2004.

Rather, my question is why the Reynolds School District would promote any teacher with little or no administrative experience who is certain to generate controversy and give reason to question the district's ability to create an environment where sexual harassment is not tolerated. I find it difficult to believe that John, with his significant baggage, was the best candidate for the position of assistant principal at Reynolds High School.

Perhaps John's actions from years ago should not ruin his career, but if he is truly qualified, John should take an administrative position in another district where he can begin his work as an administrator with a clean slate.

More importantly, Reynolds School District should staff its administrative posts with proven top-notch administrators. Reynolds School District runs on public money, and its purpose is to educate some of the neediest kids in the Portland area. The district faces serious problems and a perpetual shortage of funds. The district must spend wisely by hiring proven administrators. Shame, shame, shame on Reynolds School District for giving a promotion and accompanying salary boost to a questionable candidate.

Janene Thomas


Rhoda a perfect name for motor home

Hi Sharon, I met you when you gave a talk to the volunteers at Legacy Mount Hood Medical Hospital. I have always loved your column and was so glad to see you in person.

I love the name of your new motor home. It is an old fashioned name, and I've had it for 71 years! I was born in Rhode Island, so the name Rhoda was fitting. I suppose you have heard from every Rhoda in East County, so I wanted to add my name to the rest.

Keep up the good work and happy retirement. Have great fun in 'Rhoda.'

Rhoda Auvil


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