Commissioners will hear Lakeside Reclamation proposal May 22

Washington County commissioners postponed a decision on a Measure 37 claim for the Lakeside Reclamation Landfill Tuesday morning.

Commissioners will take up the claim again May 22 after reviewing additional information submitted by representatives of Howard P. Grabhorn, whose family has owned most of the landfill site since July 1944.

During the same hearing, commissioners approved a Measure 37 request by the Crescent Grove Cemetery Association, which wanted to subdivide 76.11 near Southwest Scholls Ferry Road and 175th Avenue into 20,000-square-foot lots for development.

That proposal would have resulted in about 165 lots on the property. The proposal was altered because of state groundwater limitations to include only seven or more lots for dwellings.

The association's Measure 37 claim also could force the county to alter its plans to realign 175th Avenue north of Scholls Ferry Road. The group didn't like the county's alternatives, which could have cut through a large swath of the property.

Measure 37 was approved by voters in 2004 and allows longtime property owners to either develop their property under the zoning that was on the land when they bought it, or to be compensated for the reduced value. There are nearly 900 Measure 37 claims filed in Washington County.

Grabhorn's Measure 37 claim filed Nov. 30 said he wanted to operate the site as a landfill and expand to the rest of his property.

Grabhorn's landfill on Southwest Vandermost Road has operated since 1952, taking mostly construction and demolition waste. In 1972, the state gave the landfill an environmental permit to operate. It also operates in an exclusive farm-use zone under county regulations.

Cooper Mountain neighbors hoped to convince county officials to reject the claim. Dozens of neighbors of the 40-acre landfill have met for months trying to find a way to block the proposal.

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