I brought my young family to Milwaukie nearly 15 years ago because of its unique small-town feel close to Portland jobs. It has been the ideal place to raise our family and I hate to see it change. Not all people want to live in an urban or even suburban environment. I grew up in a rural area, and I share with my wife a strong desire - almost need - be able to look out my back window and see mostly trees, not a fence framed by a bunch of multi-level homes. I have that in Milwaukie, but high density threatens it. Where else can I find such a style of living? Surely not in the new housing project next to the Library. Nor in any of the newer neighborhoods in the region that require tiny lot sizes.

What planners and visionaries see as potential for Milwaukie is exactly what I see as it's threat. For some reason these people don't understand, or are incapable of seeing the importance of, Milwaukie's present value and uniqueness. I am here because of how it has been, and I don't want to see it change. There are numerous places for people with limited mobility to live where the necessary conveniences are easily accessible. However, there are precious few places for me to live as I desire, and I'm sure I am not alone in this. Why must I and people like me give up this quality of life in the name of 'progress?' To me, that's not progress at all, but rather, the destruction of diversity.

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