Police say a woman was attacked outside an elevator on Meadows Road

Lake Oswego Police are searching for a man who attacked a woman in an office building on Meadows Road April 16.

They say the woman, 32, was waiting for an elevator at about noon at 5800 Meadows Road when she was physically assaulted by the man, whom she did not know.

'This was an incident that is quite concerning to us,' said Don Forman, a captain in the Lake Oswego Police Department.

'This person grabbed her from behind, grabbed her crotch and made a comment about going down in the elevator to finish this,' Forman said. 'That's obviously real concerning contact.'

The woman reportedly responded by yelling and becoming verbally aggressive with her attacker. She dialed 9-1-1 on her cell phone and followed the man as he tried to leave the building.

She described the man as white, five feet, eight inches tall, 180 pounds with blond, spiky hair. He was wearing blue jeans and a blue Hawaiian shirt at the time of the incident.

Forman said the suspect turned back into the building once he realized he was being followed. The man walked back to the elevator and, this time, grabbed the woman on his way and threw her backwards into a wall. Several witnesses heard the crash.

'She hit the wall quite hard and she was injured,' Forman said. 'He disappeared in the elevator instead of going outside but we don't believe he has anything to do with that building other than he was inside.'

Forman said an investigation into the incident is ongoing. Police and private security teams in the Kruse Way area continue patrols.

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