You may never have actually met Josh Thomas, but many of you talked with him. And while you might not recognize his face, you probably would be familiar with his voice as he patiently answered questions from his position as citizen information coordinator for the city of Lake Oswego.

He was frequently found in his tiny office on the first floor of Lake Oswego City Hall. And he diligently strived to keep city residents informed as he compiled the monthly city newsletter, 'Hello LO.'

If your paths haven't crossed, it's too late now - at least in Thomas' role for the city. Friday was his last day with the city and he is now the media relations manager for Marine and Industrial Development for the Port of Portland.

Lake Oswego's loss is Portland's gain: Thomas was one of those rare public servants who deemed it an honor to work for the citizens. If he didn't know an answer, he bent over backwards to find out. And he responded honestly, patiently and sincerely to virtually every question asked or request made.

Through his five years with the city, Thomas worked diligently to make it a better place. He did it with grace, dignity and honor. He no doubt was tested at times when overzealous residents tried to push too hard or demand too much. Even when citizens came across as overbearing, Thomas persevered. He did a good job and he brought a quiet humor and honesty to city government.

While this is written like an obituary, it is far from it. Thomas' personal star is rising and while we hate to see him go, we recognize that it was time for him to take the next big step in his career.

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