As you may have heard, we had a very successful production of 'Grease' at the IFCC.

The concept, probably unique, was to have the 'greasers' return for reunion after 30 years - everyone is 50.

I, a Lake Oswego resident, in concert with Stumptown Stages (run by Gresham native and Lake Oswego resident Kirk Mouser who spent 20 years on and around Broadway in 'Les Mis' and 'Phantom' and 'Beauty and the Beast,' etc.) have taken the opportunity following the sold-out run, to recount the show downtown at the WTC.

Mean time, Stumptown continues with the regular season at the IFCC with 'Flloyd Colllins.'

The reason for the letter is this:

This is a chance for this new and promising musical company to really take a foothold. We have no financial foundation whatsoever and have been surviving show to show with tiny profits.

This show at the WTC is a litmus test. It is a good and fun romp of a show and we have 220 seats to fill for two months.

We need desperately to get some attention to kick start our word of mouth. Perhaps some sort of article about the company or the concept of the show?

I have put a lot behind this production (which I conceived) and while I am happy with the result beyond my wildest dreams of success - it is a moment in the journey where this company could really use some exposure.

We have the vehicle - we need the audience.

During our last run, we actually turned folks away. we need to get that steam back.

This show could, with proper care, be the next 'Angry Housewives' with an open-ended run.

We need a little juice and I figure you are just the venue to provide it.

(Some Greasey facts: The original show was 5 hours long-- in Chicago. it moved to Broadway in 1972 after a short off-Broadway run - it ran for 7 years. The movie made $340 million but bears little resemblance to the play. In fact only 7 of 19 tunes were used in the movie. the script for the play has been 'cleaned' over the years.

(For schools and such. the music was revamped for the 1992 Broadway revival. We have gone back to the original music score and script -- much of it 'R' rated.

(In Mexico, it is called 'Vaselino.'

(John Travolta played a small role on stage - (Doody - the shy, nerdy one.

(The original Zuko was Barry Bostwick, who went on to 'Spin City' and also of note turned down a lead in 'A Chorus Line' when it was first in development.

(AXnother Zuko of note was an unknown Richard Gere. He played it in London.

(We affectionately call our show 'Ancient Grease' and others call it 'Geezer Grease' and it is now the definitive '50s rock and roll musical' - get it?)

Corey Brunish is a resident of Lake Oswego.

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