The votes are in, and the Lake Oswego School Board will welcome back two of its own.

Uncontested incumbents Bill Swindells and Curt Sheinin secured second terms during the Clackamas County Special Election Tuesday. Their new four-year terms begin July 1.

According to unofficial results posted Wednesday, only about 18 percent of county voters turned out for the election. Out of 206,349 registered voters, 37,289 votes were cast by mail ballot.

Swindells, seeking to regain Position 1, brought in 3,484 votes, or 98 percent. There were 66 write-in votes for his position.

Current board chair Sheinin, seeking to regain Position 5, brought in 3,383 votes, or 98 percent. There were 54 write-in votes for his position.

'I wondered who the 66 people who wrote in against me were,' Swindells said. 'I wrote Curt an e-mail and told him 'Only 54 people are mad at you. Sixty-six people are mad at me.''

Easy races are nothing new to Swindells and Sheinin - both men ran unopposed in the 2002 election.

In the upcoming four years, Swindells and Sheinin will work with the five-member board on a variety of tasks ranging from the distribution of foundation funds to combating declining enrollment.

'The climate between the next four years and last four years are night and day,' Swindells said. 'The last four years were damage control … Now we get to focus on onward and upward … looking at some positives.'

Swindells also hopes the district can attract students from outside the district to address the problem of declining enrollment while expanding its programs.

'It would address both of those (issues),' he said.

Sheinin was so busy coaching a lacrosse game Tuesday evening that he didn't think about election results until the following morning.

He hopes to keep the community involved in the decision-making process, including the renewal of a local option in November 2008.

In other local election results:

* Clackamas Education Service District, which serves the Lake Oswego School District, will welcome back three board members.

Curtis 'Dick' Smith received 24,752 - or 99 percent - votes to regain his at-large position.

Leonard L. Mills received 4,012 - or 99 percent - votes to regain his Zone 2 position.

Susan Trone received 3,626 - or 99 percent - votes to regain Zone 5 position.

* Multnomah Education Service District, which serves the Riverdale School District, will welcome a newcomer and two former board members.

Newcomer Zak Johnson won the Position 2 spot on the board over Frederick 'Rick' Okamura and John H. Kilian with 25,102 or 39 percent.

Board member Janice Gratton regained Position 6 with 47,897 votes, or 75 percent, over candidate Robert R. Weaver.

Kevin Spellman, who held Position 2 last year, returns to the board in Position 7 with 68 percent of votes over candidate Alexa Shook.

Board member Geri Washington regained Position 5 over Joe Durkee and Brian Tosky with 8,499 votes, or 76 percent.

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