The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has issued a conditional 'no further action' determination for cleanup of the Industrial Coatings site in Lake Oswego.

Located at 17370 S.W. 63rd Ave., the site has been used for commercial and industrial operations since 1968.

Businesses that are known to have contributed to contamination at the site include Industrial Coatings and Horizon Technology.

Atlas Bakeware currently uses the site.

The property was originally owned by Industrial Coatings. During the late 1980s, the business was sold and became Atlas Industrial Coatings and the property owner name became Harrison Properties Inc.

Industrial Coatings resurfaces commercial bakeware and has used kerosene and bichromate solutions in their process. Horizon Technology produced utility pole wraps using a pentachlorophenol and diesel mixture.

There were three clean-up actions at the site. The first was a drywell/diesel soil contamination removal. This was conducted in 1993.

The second was a removal of waste conducted in 2005, and the third was a removal of contaminated sediments in a drainage ditch that borders the site to the east.

Crews removed diesel- and kerosene-contaminated soil, chromium-contaminated sediment and chromium, acetone and benzene waste.

Although contamination remains on the site, it does not present an unacceptable risk to human health, according to DEQ. Legal documents have been recorded with Clackamas County to prohibit use of groundwater for any purpose on site.

'Groundwater beneath a portion of the site has contaminant concentrations that slightly exceed the drinking water standards,' said Mavis Kent of DEQ. 'The concentrations are declining. A deed restriction was placed on the property to prohibit use of groundwater.'

No other areas of the site exceeded risk based criteria for human or ecological receptors therefore DEQ concluded a no further action was appropriate for the site.

DEQ will review and approve any potential future site redevelopment or demolition to assure that environmental and human health is protected.

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