It's a definite: The Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts is a high-quality production

Some 20,000 to 25,000 people can't be wrong.

Well, they could be, obviously, but in the case of turning out for the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts last weekend, they weren't.

It was a festive time.

Backed by an intriguing special exhibit, 'PIXEL: Artists Who Use The Computer,' throngs of people came to Lake Oswego to share their collective appreciation of the arts. It was a fascinating, jam-packed exhibit and kudos to the organizers who came up with this topic.

This was the 44th annual running of the festival and the hundreds of volunteers and the various festival committees did themselves proud, all under the watchful eyes of festival co-chairs Lois Suwol and Karen Crist. This operation isn't for the faint of heart: The logistics prove complicated even for a veteran military leader.

Both venues - the newly revamped George Rogers Park and the ol' reliable Lakewood Center for the Arts - were packed with people wearing smiles and looking for next fascinating art element to intrigue them. Whether buying or looking at art, visiting with old or new friends, enjoying the music or performances of The Jungle Book by an all-Lake Oswego cast or taking in the various culinary creations, the festival truly offered something for everyone.

While the PIXEL exhibit was the headliner, the drawing power of the Open Show cannot be understated. As curator Jam Rimerman, who's been in charge of this particular event for 15 years, noted: ''We're the largest open show in the Pacific Northwest.'

Compare the sizes of Lake Oswego with Portland, Seattle, Eugene, Salem, Tacoma and some of the other major Northwest cities and you quickly realize what an accomplishment it is to be the largest in anything in this crowd. High praise for the festival.

Not to be outdone, more than 120 artisans plied their wares at the Fine Arts Craft Faire outdoors at the George Rogers venue. And the Arts Chronicle, featuring various artists' visions for Lake Oswego, also was a crowd favorite.

For the most part, the weather cooperated, although undoubtedly a few people got wet when the skies opened up on Sunday.

Crist and Suwol were pleased with the festival and how people reacted to it. And their cadre of volunteers also teetered with positives.

Now it's time to soak in the praise of a hearty 'job well done.' And then it's time to gear up for next year's 45th annual offering.

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