My VIEW • For many immigrants, July Fourth was no holiday

Today I sit and can remember when America was a beautiful land, welcoming those who were less fortunate than we were.

I can truthfully say at this time I am saddened at what has happened to our loving concern for others. Let me explain:

My granddaughter fell in love and married a person who was an illegal immigrant. They have a child together and were making it as a family. He wanted to become legal and remain in this country with his family.

Upon this decision, he located a person in the Portland area and paid big bucks for help getting things rolling so he could become legal.

In June, he received a letter stating he had to be in Mexico by the following Friday for his hearing on getting his green card. Having to get all the papers together took a long day Monday, since nothing was open on the weekend; yet they were able to get on the road Monday night.

They pushed and made the appointment on time. Miguel was not able to take my granddaughter into the interview with him, which we knew was not a good sign. After a very long interview, Miguel was told he could not have the card he so desperately wanted.

Now that those in charge have decided his fate, they have done a few things I felt the world should know:

1. They have put my granddaughter and great-granddaughter in a financial bind.

2. They have put it to the point that these two people might have to get some type of state financial assistance.

3. They have broken up a family that was doing well with no problems with the law.

4. They have broken many hearts without a care.

5. They have made us sad to be Americans.

Where is the reasoning in this matter? Where is the compassion? Where is the 'Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free'?

Are the inspiring words located on the Statue of Liberty just letters? Or do they truly mean that America is a land that is free and willing to take those in who are less fortunate?

I understand that if someone is on the state system that they would be sent back to their homeland, yet when someone is a productive member of our country he is given no more consideration than a bug to squash.

I for one did not celebrate the Fourth of July this year. I do not feel that America or Americans should be proud of what they are doing to so many families, and doing so with no regrets.

Susan Carter lives in Vancouver, Wash.

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