The traditional search for the hidden Robin Hood Festival medallion continues this year as residents try to answer that perennial question: "Which Nobleman or noblewoman of Sherwood will find the medallion this year?" A prize awaits them.

We, the Maid Marian court in sovereignty over the Robin Hood Festival, declare the start of the 2011 quest for the rare and valuable medallion. Of the three weekly clues we will be issuing to the community, the first is provided here, the rest will be found on the Robin Hood Festival website, the Robin Hood Festival facebook page, the Sherwood public library, the Sherwood YMCA, the Lavender Tea House, It's all arranged, and Sesame Doughnuts. Good luck noble citizens of Sherwood!

Here is your first clue:

"A place for children to come and play, where families are welcome to watch and stay. A great place to build a relic and to see a place that is truly angelic. This is a place where people had to use tools, and is now considered Sherwood's jewel."

- Maid Marian Court

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