Craig Schultz of Bridge City Homes has assembled an all-star group of professionals for the selling of his five new homes on Allison Place just off Carman Drive in Lake Oswego:

- John and Priscilla DeCosta of The Hasson Company Realtors in Lake Oswego are serving as principal brokers for the project. The DeCostas have a combined 51 years of experience in the local real estate business.

- Mary DeBella of Northwest Staging is nothing less than Stager of the Year in the USA for 2007, as voted upon by Home Staging.

- Lisa Laird of Hasson is the closing coordinator. She brings a background of vast experience in the corporate world. Priscilla DeCosta calls Laird 'the glue that is holding us together for the buyers and the sellers.'

- Schultz, owner of Bridge City Homes and a certified master builder, has been in the home building business for three decades, and his previous Lake Oswego home was included in the Street of Dreams.

- Adam Schultz, Craig's son, serves as project manager. He recently served with the U.S. Military in Iraq.

- Tank the bulldog is the project's mascot, and from all accounts, he is doing a remarkable job.

The best part of the project is the homes themselves - homes that are outstanding for their quality and also for their convenience of location. Instead of being slowed down by heavy traffic, future owners of the homes can be zipping down the highway within a few minutes.

'This is a small, intimate, niche project where I can set my own standards,' Schultz said. 'They have a style that's different and that's readily recognizable as mine. They have amenities and details that people might not expect.'

The five homes have lots of natural sunlight, well-thought-out floor plans, the little cupolas that are distinctive to Schultz's homes and they reflect lots of attention to small details. That was largely Adam's doing.

'Adam put in a lot of hours,' Schultz said. 'Sub-contractors aren't used to someone looking over their shoulders all the time like he does.'

'That's good for the buyer,' Priscilla DeCosta said. 'He knows what's inside the walls.'

The homes have a Northwest style - 'no stucco, and a natural feel.' They also have qualities that could 'only happen in Lake Oswego.'

'The city wanted to keep this area as natural as possible,' John DeCosta said. 'We've included space so wildlife can get between properties and we'll have native planting that is environmentally friendly.'

Such quality comes with a price; Costs of the homes run from $839,000 to $969,000. However, in the two weeks the homes have been open for tour the feedback has been excellent.

'On Tuesday (Aug. 14) we had an open house for Realtors, and it was an extraordinary success,' John DeCosta said. 'We had a large turnout of Realtors and a lot of wonderful comments.'

In fact, Schultz's homes will likely be a prototype for new homes along Carman Drive.

'Once people see these homes they love them,' John DeCosta said. 'We had two presales in our first week. This is a showcase for custom homes in the coming years.'

Of course, DeBella knows something about good-looking homes.

'This has been a fun project,' she said. 'I enjoy working with quality homes and I love the floor plan. It's comforting to me.

'I enjoy new construction a lot because it's a nice blank slate. It provides a quality environment and I can build on it. I love to put my stamp and name on products like this.'

Certainly, Schultz is happy with the staging and the salesmanship that is going into his homes.

'This is the first time I've worked with this group, and things have worked out great,' Schultz said. 'It's very exciting. They've brought great energy to this project. I'm very happy with them.'

The Bridge City Homes are open for viewing Thursday through Sunday from 3 to 6 p.m. They can also be shown by special appointment by calling John or Priscilla DeCosta at 503-702-0856 or visiting their Web site at www.john

'We can show them immediately,' John DeCosta said. 'We're only three minutes away.'

If home shoppers are lucky, Tank will be on hand to give them an affectionate body bump and let them scratch his head.

It looks like Schultz has everything covered with his new Lake Oswego home development.

A grand opening for the project will be announced in a few weeks. For more information about Bridge City Homes, call 503-650-6999 or go to the Web site at

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