Mallard found at George Rogers
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ODFW & Portland Audubon Society remove fishing line entangling a mallard hen at George Rogers Park in Lake Oswego.

A mallard duck that became entangled in fishing line at George Rogers Park has been rescued.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife in conjunction with Portland Audubon Society saved the duck Sept. 27.

Carol Gulbrand, Lake Oswego, contacted ODFW after discovering the female duck was not able to move its left leg. ODFW biologists Susan Barnes and Doug Kitchen were able to remove the duck from the water for examination. With the help of Stacey Mullins a volunteer with Portland Audubon Society, a state and federal licensed wildlife rehabilitation center, they were able to remove most of the monofilament from the bird's leg and body.

A portion of fishing line was not able to be removed at the scene, so the duck was taken to Portland Audubon Society Wildlife Care Center for further treatment.

The hen is expected to regain most of the mobility in the leg and will be returned to the wild.

'It's really important for folks to remember to pack out everything that they bring in including fishing line and lures,' says Susan Barnes, ODFW regional diversity biologist. 'Fishing line and other trash left behind become serious obstacles that can cause severe injuries to wildlife - sometimes leading to death.'

Audubon is regularly brought wild animals that have become entangled in lines and other garbage left in the environment. Recent cases have included a bald eagle, great blue herons, several osprey and two barn owls.

Many lakes and ponds around Oregon have recycling receptacles available for refuse of fishing line and tackle. For more information on wildlife in Oregon's urban areas visit ODFW's Web site, .

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