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Thank you Lake Oswego Review for encouraging a no vote on the proposed $2 million spending limitation 3-269. I think that your editorial captured much of what I hear in the community.

People are confused and suggest that we are stuck in a 'he said, she said' quandary. Who should they believe?

Some people are frustrated and feel left out of the decision-making process. How can they be heard?

People are proud of Lake Oswego's positive changes in parks and urban renewal in the last 10 years. Can positive change continue in a controlled civil fashion?

Because of these sentiments, it is important that we vote no on 3-269.

If the numbers and information presented are confusing and inconsistent, certainly we should not permanently amend our city charter. This is a serious change and we need to be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt before we do anything so 'knee-jerk' as the Review described this amendment.

If we feel left out, we have a well-established democratic process for change. We can run for office or sign up for the five city commissions that have current openings.

If we want positive change with thoughtful and civil decisions, we elect hard-working councilors who study the issues, listen to staff reports, and consult with experts. We, as voters, don't spend that time, don't read those reports, and would make shot gun decisions that may not benefit us in the long run. Elections on every $2 million acquisition would perpetuate the divisive climate that we are now experiencing.

Changing our city charter is serious and permanent. The Lake Oswego Review urges a no vote. Please join me in voting no on 3-269.

Debbie Freepons Craig, Lake Oswego, is a co-chair of Our City Our Future.

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