Don't increase traffic on residential streets

What changes are coming to your neighborhood?

A big thank you goes out to Gresham Mayor Shane Bemis for alerting property owners on Roberts Boulevard (south of Powell) of future changes.

The city of Gresham's Transportation System Planning Department altered the zoning classification in 2002 for Roberts and Butler to become collector streets. That sounds harmless. That's if you don't mind the current 50-foot roadway being ripped up and enlarged to 80 feet wide, complete with new bike paths.

Do we really need more bike lanes to parallel the existing Springwater Trail? Do we really need to take 10 to 15 feet of property owners' historical home lots to increase traffic? Gresham is growing, so wouldn't the best way to accommodate traffic be to funnel it through business and/or commercial streets?

Many business owners would love to increase the cars driving by their stores, not their homes. Citizens of Gresham, please be aware that we are in Phase 3, of a four-phase plan to alter our communities. So come voice your opinion on good change. You can do that by coming to The Lighthouse Community Church, 495 S.E. Fourth St., from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Monday, July 18. Remember, we don't get to vote, only to talk.

I hope to see you all there.

Helen Marston


Healthy Kids a great program for state

Regarding Dick McQueen's guest comment in the June 18 edition of The Outlook, 'Healthy Kids: Something we can't afford to neglect,' I concur.

Healthy Kids is an outstanding health insurance program for Oregon's children. I've spoken with representatives from the organization, and I have faith in their mission statement and confidence in their ability to help bring affordable health care to the kids in my district.

Sen. Chuck Thomsen

Senate District 26

Hood River

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