Progress on remaking Boones Ferry Road is slow but steady.

A progress report by the Boones Ferry Road Refinement Plan Advisory Committee will be given to the Lake Oswego City Council Tuesday night, and it represents a lot of work accomplished over the past year since the original traffic study done by DKS Associates.

'The advisory committee reviewed 22 refinements to the traffic plan,' said Dennis Eggner, long-range planning director for the city of Lake Oswego. 'It has come up with a more precise alignment for road improvement.'

The report will show how the advisory committee sought to achieve equitable distribution of properties in order to avoid direct impact on buildings.

'That was given the highest priority,' Eggner said. 'Only one building will have to be moved (a small red building containing the Casa del Pollo café) and there will be no net loss of parking.'

At Tuesday's meeting, the advisory committee expects to receive directions from the city council on how to proceed with the project, and the next step will be setting up a fund-raising mechanism. The only funds now on hand are a $50,000 grant from Metro and approval from the city council for $25,000.

'It will be a six-month project and it will be ready in January,' Eggner said. 'We'll be getting more and more precise on improvements and find out what impacts they will have.'

Eggner said it will take a few years for work on the refinement project to start, but eventually it will provide a major economic boost, improved street design and better traffic control for Lake Grove for at least the next 25 years.

One especially important aspect will be greatly enhanced safety for pedestrians on Boones Ferry Road.

'Right now it's difficult to be a pedestrian on Boones Ferry,' Eggner said.

The Boones Ferry plan emerged out of the Lake Grove Village Plan of 2008.

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