Information from the public safety column comes from the records of the Lake Oswego Police Department. Police recently filed reports on the following incidents:

11/7/07 8:47 a.m. A hit and run occurred near the Starbucks on Boones Ferry Road.

11/8/07 6:48 a.m. Two cars were involved in an accident on Third Street. One driver was cited for making a dangerous left turn.

11/10/07 3:58 p.m. While backing out of a parking spot on Second Street, a man said his car bumped into a fire hydrant. He gave his information to police in case any problems, or water, arose.

11/10/07 3:53 a.m. Christopher Graham Talbott, 26, was arrested on suspicion of DUII on Kruse Way.

11/10/07 9:42 p.m. A woman reported that the lights she had left off in her home were on when she returned. Police found no signs of unforced entry.

11/5/07 11:02 p.m. Angel Lee Rogers, 24, was arrested on suspicion of providing a police officer with false information and for driving while suspended and without insurance.

11/7/07 4:19 p.m. Jeffrey Gene Duncan, 37, was arrested for failing to register as a sex offender. Police received a tip that Duncan was driving drunk, which led to the arrest. He was not charged with a DUII.

11/8/07 11:17 p.m. John James Brumfield, 39, was arrested on suspicion of felony driving while suspended.

11/6/07 10:28 a.m. Within the last three months, a person said 10 rings valued at $4,000 had been stolen from her.

11/6/07 1:51 p.m. A coin collection, including Indian head coins and silver dollars, as well as jewelry, were stolen from a lockbox.

11/10/07 12:46 p.m. A Blackberry phone, iPod and $14.50 were taken from a person's locker on Country Club Road.

11/10/07 2:28 p.m. The former employee of a business on Iron Mountain Boulevard allegedly stole a snowboard from a storage room. The employee later agreed to return it.

11/6/07 1:02 a.m. A woman complained she was being harassed through calls and text messages. The person doing the alleged stalking has a concealed weapons permit and access to weapons, the complainant said.

11/6/07 9:25 a.m. At Luscher Farm, a man's dog and other dogs were being attacked by a white pit bull with a brown face.

11/6/07 9:33 a.m. A white SUV had been parked in the same location for at least a week. The owner was contacted and said he would move it that night.

11/6/07 9:55 a.m. A green Jeep Cherokee was parked facing the wrong direction on Maple Circle. It had been there for a week and was slowly disappearing under a cover of leaves.

11/6/07 11:01 a.m. Several vehicles were parked facing the wrong direction near three construction projects on Lake Shore Road and some were partially in the roadway. A Dumpster was also partially in the roadway.

11/6/07 11:32 a.m. A boat trailer was parked partially on the street and partially on private property. There was also a wooden trailer carrying wood parked on the roadside.

11/6/07 12:24 p.m. A woman was being followed a man in his 40s while she was walking her dog. The man was unshaven, wearing sweats and had on house slippers. Police said it turned out the man was an 'overly friendly neighbor.'

11/6/07 3:34 p.m. A red Lotus mountain bike valued at $100 was found on First Street.

11/6/07 4:01 p.m. A small, red car was seen driving on Lakeview Boulevard with red flashers on, while delivering newspapers.

11/6/07 5:11 p.m. There was an ongoing problem with a person's neighbor slamming a door, screaming and cussing. The neighbor had been previously warned about making unreasonable noise. In this incident, police could not find the person.

11/6/07 6:15 p.m. A State Street business owner said a man was trying to get his front door opened after the business was closed. The man at the door said he was trying to sell leather coats. The owner was worried the man was casing the store.

11/6/07 8:37 p.m. An officer checked a resident's attic after the resident heard strange noises sounding like someone moving around. After going through the crawl space, an officer with the newly formed Ghost Busters CSI Unit determined that the noise was from a bathroom vent pipe and not a ghost portal.

11/7/07 7:22 a.m. Police were advised that a pedophile from California who allegedly takes photos of little girls and was featured on the news was seen at Safeway.

11/7/07 8:21 a.m. Police received an incomplete 9-1-1 call from a cell phone, and determined it was a young child at daycare.

11/7/07 12:55 p.m. Bullets were found by the window sill of a home on Boones Ferry Road. Police saw two 9mm bullets.

11/7/07 1:18 p.m. There was a chronic problem of a motor home being parked in the parking lot of the West End Building on Kruse Way. Police told the owner that they would seek to impound the motor home if it is not moved.

11/7/07 10:42 p.m. Lake Oswego Police assisted the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office with a check on a 16-year-old girl who jumped out of her mom's car and ran away. She was found and returned home.

11/8/07 5:46 a.m. An Oregonian driver reportedly ran a stop sign on Canyon Drive.

11/8/07 11:36 a.m. A deer was hit on Johnson Road. Police said the deer was dead.

11/8/07 2:03 p.m. A solicitor came to a person's door, despite the fact that the homeowner had a 'No Solicitation' sign.

11/8/07 3:09 p.m. A person kept showing up at a man's door on Westview Drive, usually at odd hours. The homeowner thought the person was the owner of a nearby large diesel truck.

11/8/07 3:17 p.m. An employee at Les Schwab Tires observed an injured goose and called police, thinking that the goose had a broken wing. The wing might have just needed an alignment.

11/8/07 6:44 p.m. A woman asked police for assistance after her ex-husband, who was soon to be moving out, entered the apartment and caused property damage.

11/8/07 7:22 p.m. Police received a report of a man selling stereo equipment out of a white van somewhere near Stanford's.

11/8/07 8:47 p.m. An officer found a cell phone in the alley behind the 7-Eleven on A Avenue and returned it to its owner.

11/9/07 11:46 a.m. A man reported that a paint gun had been stolen out of his pick-up truck on North Shore Road on Nov. 1. The Graco paint gun was valued at $1,500.

11/9/07 11:54 a.m. A male black lab named Tucker ran away again.

11/9/07 12:09 p.m. An officer helped a man secure a golf cart on his trailer. Because he asked for assistance, the golfer incurred a one-stroke penalty.

11/9/07 12:29 p.m. Police took a criminal mischief report from the owner of a Dolphin motor home. Someone had taken the windshield wipers off the motor home. Police did not find the wiper swiper.

11/9/07 1:36 p.m. Police received a report of a possibly neglected dog on Maple Street. The dog was reportedly on the front porch, with no water and an empty food bowl. In a mysterious twist, an officer checked and found a well-fed dog with food in his bowl and a full bowl of water. Sounds like a case for Ace Ventura.

11/9/07 3:23 p.m. A man lost his wallet in Westlake Park. He canceled the credit cards.

11/9/07 4 p.m. Police received a report of a drunken driver on Country Club Road. The driver was allegedly swerving all over the road and possibly had an open container of alcohol. Police found the driver, who was not drunk.

11/9/07 5:23 p.m. A woman said her husband, from whom she was separated, took a leaf blower from her home. Maybe he wanted to turn over a new leaf.

11/9/07 7:17 p.m. San Seng Saechao, 36, James Henry Ingram, 25, and Norman L. Nevers, 64, were all cited and released for providing alcohol to a minor. The citations happened all within about hour at different locations.

11/9/07 9:20 p.m. A group of people were seen walking and carrying backpacks on Bangy Road. Soon the group separated. They took the road less traveled and that has made all the difference.

11/9/07 10:02 p.m. Christopher Ryan Voshell, 22, was contacted on a traffic stop and cited for having less than an ounce of marijuana.

11/9/07 10:57 p.m. A woman said she was receiving e-mails from a person she didn't know. She tried, unsuccessfully, telling the e-mailer to quit.

11/10/07 1:16 a.m. An officer noticed an open garage door. The officer contacted the owner, who said he would close it - an open- and-shut case.

11/10/07 6:51 a.m. A woman was awoken when her alarm went off and the back door flew open. An officer checked the house and all was OK.

11/10/07 9:41 a.m. At Westlake Park, a woman let her dog run at large and it was attacking other dogs. Police tried to find the woman, but she, too, was at large.

11/10/07 7:39 p.m. Police were attempting to contact a Lake Oswego woman for a death notification, but then realized they were about to contact the wrong woman, who had an identical name.

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