Information for the public safety column comes from public records of the West Linn Police Department.

Authorities recently filed reports on the following incidents.

Note to readers: This is an abridged version of the West Linn police log. For the full log, including arrests, please see the print edition of your local newspaper.


7/2, 9:34 p.m.; Narcotics were stolen at the Willamette Terrace apartments while the renter was at the pool.

7/2, 10:46 p.m.; Half a tank of gasoline was siphoned from a Toyota Tundra on Village Park Place.

7/5, 5:30 p.m.; A flag and flagpole were taken within the last few days from Palomino Way. The flag had been flying since Sept. 11.

7/6, 2:18 p.m.; Two purses with driver's licenses, debit cards, makeup and an iPod touch were taken from a car parked at Willamette Park. The intruder smashed the driver's side window.


7/1, 8:24 a.m.; A woman reported that her daycare provider had charged the state for services that were not provided and forged her signature.

7/5, 9:47 a.m.; A woman reported unauthorized charges on her credit card.

7/5, 10:51 a.m.; A woman received a check at a garage sale that was written on a closed account.

7/5, 3:23 p.m.; A man received a call to say he had been selected for a $4,750 grant and to wire $149 to process it.

7/7, 8:42 a.m.; A man reported someone had been using his Social Security number.

7/7, 1:40 p.m.; A man reported unauthorized withdrawals from his bank account.


7/1, 7:39 a.m.; A multi-vehicle accident occurred on southbound I-5 at Highway 43.

7/1, 6:38 p.m.; A reckless driver was seen cutting in and out of traffic northbound on I-205.

7/2, 7:39 p.m.; An erratic driver in a dark-gray Subaru was swerving in the Sunset area. When contacted at home, the driver denied driving poorly.

7/4, 9:04 p.m.; A woman gave chase to the driver of a car that hit her vehicle at Willamette Park.

7/5, 7:28 a.m.; No one was hurt when the brakes went out on a vehicle, causing it to careen off the road into trees in the Maple and Pine street area.

7/5, 6:26 p.m.; A silver Infiniti FX35 was hit while parked at Safeway on Salamo. A gray Dodge Durango was the suspected vehicle.

7/6, 3:56 p.m.; A green Jeep Cherokee was seen speeding and skidding around the Willamette Park boat ramp parking lot.

7/6, 5:06 p.m.; Another crazy driver, this time in a black Jeep Cherokee, nearly rear-ended another car and was zipping in and out of traffic on Willamette Falls Drive.

7/6, 5:41 p.m.; The driver of a white Kia Sportage LX attempted to drive off without exchanging information following an accident July 4.

7/6, 7:18 p.m.; A silver Volvo tried to run a woman off the roadway while merging onto northbound I-205 at the 10th Street exit.

7/6, 10:23 p.m.; A car ran into a tree on Beacon Hill Drive, but no one was injured.

7/7, 11:44 a.m.; A reckless motorcyclist was tailgating vehicles on I-205 north of the viewpoint.

7/7, 4:41 p.m.; A driver fell asleep and spun out at the off-ramp of I-205 at Highway 43. No one was injured, but the driver decided to wait for ride instead of continuing to drive.


7/1, 4:00 p.m.; Extra patrols were requested because of unusual traffic backups in the Willamette and Willamette Falls drives area.

7/1, 6:14 p.m.; Someone was setting off fireworks at Long and Simpson streets.

7/2, 10:28 p.m.; Illegal fireworks were being fired at Cedaroak Drive.

7/2, 10:53 p.m.; Noisy people at the Lynn Oaks apartments were asked to move inside.

7/3, 7:12 a.m.; An officer helped round up loose goats.

7/3, 5:42 p.m.; There was concern that people taking photos in a neighbor's backyard were suspicious suspects, but police found they were just landscapers doing yardwork.

7/3, 6:08 p.m.; A small child threw a smoke-producing firework in the wrong direction and started a fire in a field. The parents were able to extinguish the fire and discussed safety concerns with the child.

7/4, 11:38 a.m.; A parent wanted to talk to police about marijuana and a bong left behind by a son's friend.

7/4, 6:47 p.m.; A fisherman whose boat was anchored by the West Linn Paper Company mill was refusing to leave. When officers arrived, the man decided to find a new fishing hole.

7/4, 8:32 p.m.; Bottle rockets were being set off near the Cedaroak boat ramp.

7/4, 8:49 p.m.; Five juveniles were shooting bottle rockets at each other in Oppenlander Field.

7/4, 9:13 p.m.; Fireworks were bursting in the air on Cambridge Street.

7/4, 9:40 to 11:56 p.m.; Illegal fireworks were going off on Coho Lane, Parker Road, White Salmon Street, Coeur d'Alene and Ponderay, Bluegrass Circle, Gloria Street, Carriage Way, Arbor Drive, Robin Place, Windsor Terrace, Club House and Ruidoso circles and Fifth Avenue.

7/4, 9:52 p.m.; Five juveniles were seen walking toward the high school with their pants down.

7/4, 10:20 to 10:27 p.m.; Fireworks were being set off at Rosemont and Dollar streets.

7/5, 1:32 a.m.; Too much noise caused a neighbor to complain about a gathering at Horton Road and Summit Street.

7/5, 11:26 p.m.; A noisy game of beer pong led neighbors to suspect underage drinking was occurring on Ninth Street. Officers responded and determined no alcohol was involved - just noise.

7/6, 5:58 p.m.; Illegal fireworks were being lit at the Willamette boat ramp.

7/6, 9:05 p.m.; A woman on Amy Street who left her car running for a long time finally turned it off.

7/6, 7:15 p.m.; Police and firefighters helped a woman in labor get to Willamette Falls Medical Center.

7/6, 10:04 p.m.; Loud juveniles played on the swings in the Bittner Street area.

7/6, 10:42 p.m.; A Dumpster fire was reported on Salamo Road. Fireworks were initially thought to be the source, but instead it proved to be cigarettes.

7/7, 2:02 a.m.; A man reported hearing rushing water on Sunburst Terrace. Officers found an irrigation system detached from a spigot and turned the water off.

7/7, 7:38 p.m.; A man living on Remington Drive arrived home after four or five days to find items missing.

7/8, 12:21 a.m.; Juveniles in Robinwood Park were throwing firecrackers at things.

7/8, 12:34 a.m.; Officers found an open door at Cedaroak Primary School. The school was checked, and all was secure.

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