by: Wilbur West,

Wilbur West waited six weeks for his nativity scene to arrive.

But in one night, he said, it was ruined.

West woke up early Sunday to discover that the nativity scene in his Lake Grove front yard had been vandalized.

Missing was an angel and one of the wise men. The baby Jesus was thrown in the middle of his street, Peters Road, and one of the pieces was atop the nativity stable.

West set up the scene and lit it on Thanksgiving night. He had waited six weeks for the 12-piece set to arrive from China. The pieces, some of which are 36-inches tall, were hand-painted and the whole nativity scene cost $3,000.

'It isn't the money,' West said. 'It's the thought that somebody would vandalize something of this nature.'

He estimated that the scene was vandalized between 1 and 4 a.m. Sunday.

West, who has lived in his Lake Grove home for 60 years, said he's hopeful the pieces will be found. 'They're irreplaceable,' he said.

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