by: Kent Darcy, 
Members of the Uplands Neighborhood, from left, Walt Hodges, Elliot Steck, Kelly Steck, Linda Darcy, Brian Schmidt (Uplands Neighborhood Association vice-chair), Mike Darcy, Janet Livesay, helped with cleanup of Prestwick Park Saturday. Not pictured are Rob Closs and Kent Darcy.

Nine residents of Uplands Neighborhood spent the Saturday after Thanksgiving weeding, pruning, thinning, and performing general cleanup maintenance in Prestwick Park.

Created by neighbors and maintained by neighbors, this former eyesore, located on the corner of Wembley Park Road and Prestwick Road, is now an integral part of the Uplands Neighborhood.

Across the road from this park is Springbrook Park and the two compliment each other whether for the walking paths or merely as one drives by. Conceived in 2004 and put together by neighborhood volunteers, with help from the city of Lake Oswego, Prestwick Park includes an assortment of shrubs, trees, and grasses plus an arbor, bench, and walking path.

Once a vacant parcel overgrown with ivy and blackberries, Prestwick Park has become a vital part of the Uplands Neighborhood. From the very beginning, it has been a neighborhood participation project.

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