I don't hate you Joe, but I do question your motives for registering as a Democrat and applying for an appointment as a precinct committee person (See 'Put an end to the Democratic Central Committee's problems,' by Joe Cason, Letters, July 6).

You've run unsuccessfully for office at least five times (according to your own statement) and were previously registered as a Constitution Party member for many, many years, and then more recently as an Independent.

A cynic might see a pattern, expecting you to register as a Republican or Libertarian next, and then filing to run for public office. Most of my experience with you has been from opposite sides of various issues. Some were nonpartisan issues, but some of the more memorable very definitely tied you firmly to positions in conflict with the Democratic Party of Oregon. In the past you have not demonstrated a belief system that embraces Democratic precepts. Again, I question the reasons for your registering as a Democrat when you clearly have in the past supported a very different political philosophy and practice.

You may have indeed experienced an epiphany, but although I can't speak for the entire Central Committee, I know I personally need to see this change demonstrated over a period of time before I will believe that a leopard has changed his spots.

Also, although you may have been led to believe that an appointment automatically follows an application for a Precinct Person position, that's not the case. This is an elective position and appointments are considered, not automatically granted.

- Susan Conn, St. Helens

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