I commute from Deer Island to St. Johns via Highway 30 and have done so everyday for 15 years. On a recent return trip I saw no less then seven police cars.

The order from Linnton was: one Portland City Police, one Multnomah County Sheriff, three Oregon State Police Troopers, a Columbia City Police car in Scappoose and a city of St. Helens police unit issuing a traffic ticket.

The various law enforcement agencies are always asking us for more money. Big layoffs ahead and they say they are so short of manpower they cannot do their jobs.

You have to be kidding me.

They treat Highway 30 as if it was a highway between Afghanistan and Pakistan or a real crime zone.

All they are doing is ticketing people who are just trying to make a living. It is a not-so-well-hidden source of revenue and Highway 30 is a cash cow for these agencies.

Columbia City must have a police department as large as Los Angeles! They are always running their speed trap.

Those from out of the area and unaware are easily caught.

It's as if going through Columbia City at 60 mph rather then 50 mph is a class A felony. They also seem to target semi trucks. Great, those are the people who can actually lose their jobs as a result of a police department 'mining' the public for revenue.

The only agency that is absent from this list is the Columbia County Sheriff's Office. Sheriff Dickerson seems to understand what actual priorities are. They actually fight crime and help people, rather than fleecing them for going slightly over the posted speed limit.

I understand that Highway 30 is dangerous, but I also know that very few, if any, of the accidents are speed-related.

This county is full of true criminals and I think the public would be better served by having our police deal with crimes where actual victims are involved.

- Kurt Röseler, Deer Island

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