In addition to being denied a tree removal permit from the city, Jeff Parker faces new fines for tree code violations.

On Dec. 5, Parker was served with citations that include 16 counts of violations.

The alleged tree protection violations stem from a visit to the site of his lakeside home by a code enforcement official on Nov. 16.

The violations include: Seven counts for failure to maintain tree protection fencing; five counts for failure to maintain required tree protection signage; two counts for storing materials (such as boulders, pipes and pallets) in a tree protection zone; one count of development within a tree protection zone; and one count of having chemically injurious materials in a tree protection zone (wet masonry was found splashed up against the trees).

The five counts related to tree protection signage carry a minimum fine of $100 each, and the minimum fine on the other 11 counts is $300.

The maximum fine on all counts is $1,000 each.

City Attorney David Powell said the city will ask the Municipal Court not to accept the base fine if Parker pleads guilty. Parker also has the option of pleading not guilty and going to trial.

Powell said the city will ask the court to schedule a hearing in which the city can make a case for the maximum fines, because of Parker's prior tree violations.

Parker racked up more than $28,000 in violations in August 2006. He faced eight counts, including charges of failure to maintain tree protection, construction in a tree protection zone and unpermitted tree removal.

'Because of the previous violations, the city will likely request the maximum fines on each count,' said Powell.

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