by: Courtesy of CCSO Joanne Baldwin of Lake Oswego, wife of actor Daniel Baldwin, is being held at Clackamas County Jail on a parole violation.

Joanne C. Baldwin had her probation extended by two years, but she avoided greatly increased jail time in her hearing in the Lake Oswego Municipal Court on Wednesday afternoon.

Instead of handing out a lengthy sentence, Judge Bruce Shepley ruled that the 41-year-old Baldwin, a Lake Oswego resident, must serve 10 days in Clackamas County Jail, but that period will include the previous seven days she had spent in jail.

'I've been broken,' said Baldwin as she stood handcuffed before the judge, surrounded by her two attorneys and two officers from the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office.

However, the former British model must use the SCRAMx alcohol monitoring system, which will detect if she violates her probation terms by drinking alcohol. The SCRAMx system was praised by Deputy City Attorney Jerry Seeberger, who said it had been used with much success in the past in Clackamas County.

Shepley expressed sym-pathy for Baldwin as she seeks healing for her struggle against alcoholism. He said there would probably not be a problem with granting her request to visit her family in England in September to help her 'deal with my pain.' He also said that Baldwin's probation could be shortened if she undergoes a successful treatment program.

Still, the judge warned that her probation could quickly be revoked if Baldwin violates its terms by taking intoxicants.

The wife of Daniel Baldwin, a member of a famed acting family, Baldwin's case has drawn national attention. At her hearing, the aisles of Lake Oswego City Hall were filled with TV cameramen, photographers and reporters.

Baldwin was sent to Clackamas County Jail on Wednesday, July 13, after it was determined she had violated terms of her probation. She was advised by the Lake Oswego Police to turn herself in to the municipal court, which she did.

This happened just one day after Daniel Baldwin, 50, filed a petition for divorce at Clackamas County Circuit Court. The couple had been married since 2007 and are the parents of two daughters, age 3 and 1.

In addition, Daniel Baldwin filed for a restraining order against his wife because, he claimed, she had displayed violent and highly intoxicated behavior in the preceding 180 days, and had repeatedly used violence against him and threatened to kill him.

In the last incident on July 10, Baldwin said his wife went into a violent rage in which she punched him in the face and head as their two young daughters looked on. The girls were removed from the premises upon order of the LO Police.

In an interview following his filing for divorce, Baldwin described the atmosphere of fear in their Lake Oswego home. He pledged that his first priority was the safety of their children.

However, Baldwin also promised to help his wife if she took steps to conquer her alcoholism.

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