A group of members presented a petition Thursday with 787 signatures, urging Rep. Darlene Hooley (D-West Linn) to support legislation opposing an attack on Iran.

Approximately 20 members gathered at Hooley's local office on Willamette Drive to submit the signatures. Hooley was not present, and they were met by office aide Meagan Mansfield.

'When she goes to Congress, we want her to know that she has support here to do the right thing,' said Elizabeth Campos, a Milwaukie resident who organized the signature drive along with her husband Peter McLees.

The local effort was part of a nationwide signature-gathering push by the liberal political advocacy organization to express opposition to a possible offensive on Iran. The petition asked lawmakers to support House Resolution 64, which makes it clear that the 2002 authorization of force against Iraq does not give President Bush the authority to attack neighboring Iran.

'Where is the anger, and where is the leadership from the Congress,' West Linn resident Larry Bollinger said. 'Someone has to have the voice to stand up and do it. And I would like it to be (Hooley).'

The bulk of the signatures delivered were generated through a online form. The response ranged from Rockaway Beach to Salem. Campos said she was surprised at the ease of becoming politically involved.

'I found myself being critical of what was going on,' Campos said. 'But then I said to myself, 'When was the last time I did something.''

Mansfield said Hooley's office is always eager to hear from constituents. 'She wants her office to be open to the people,' Mansfield said, 'no matter what their opinion.'

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