Former Lake Oswego resident dies when her husband's gun discharges in their apartment

TUALATIN - On Wednesday, friends and co-workers of Kimberly Osbrink were still dealing with the shocking news of her death.

On Sunday, Kimberly's husband, Ryan Osbrink, reportedly told police that he 'unintentionally' shot his 23-year-old wife in their Tualatin apartment while he was practicing drawing his pistol from a holster.

Tualatin police responded to the couple's apartment on Nyberg Road after receiving a 9-1-1 call from the house at around 10:30 p.m. Officers reported finding Ryan, 24, administering first aid to his wife.

Kimberly, who grew up in Lake Oswego, was rushed by ambulance to the Oregon Health and Science University Hospital where she later died from her injuries. Police said she was shot in the abdomen.

Tualatin police are still investigating the fatal shooting. According to Tualatin police spokesman Capt. Jeff Groth, Kimberly did give a brief statement to the first responding officers, but police are not releasing that information.

'Our detectives have worked tirelessly on this case,' Groth said. 'It's been an emotionally draining case.'

'You cannot write this article and put her in a good enough light,' said Amber Nurmi, owner of Healthy Pet in West Linn where Kimberly had worked as a manager for the last two years.

'Vibrant. Dedicated. Loyal. She's like family for all of us here. She truly is one of the most wonderful people I met in my life.'

At the age of 15, she began working with Nurmi at Healthy Pet in Lake Oswego.

'She was so sweet, funny, just a petite little girl,' said Sadie Koser, store manager. 'When she would call me, she would always say, 'What up dawg?' like a rapper. Her life revolved around her husband and starting a family.'

She attended Wilson High School in Portland and graduated in 2002.

According to Nurmi, Kimberly and Ryan, a Marine who has served at least one tour in Iraq and in 2006 was awarded a Bronze Star Medal for distinguished service in combat, were married for three years.

But Kimberly's pride and joy was a two-year-old English bulldog named Gus.

Co-workers at Healthy Pet have set up a fund for Gus. Nurmi said that the dog was the light of Osbrink's life before acknowledging that to set up a fund for the dog could seem trivial, 'but she loved Gus,' Nurmi said.

Nurmi has been in contact with Ryan since the shooting, but she declined to comment on his well-being except to say that he was doing 'how you would expect him to be doing.'

Ryan Osbrink had signed an offer of employment with the Clark County Sheriff's Office. His first day of employment was to have been Wednesday, Dec. 19.

'I think it's strange, considering his knowlege of guns,' Koser said. 'I don't know if he wasn't paying attention, but I'm trying to feel the way she would want me to feel and that's not to blame him.'

According to a Tualatin police press release, Osbrink's hiring has been delayed pending the outcome of the Tualatin police's investigation.

The weapon involved in Sunday's shooting was an H and K model USP, .45-caliber semi-automatic pistol that Osbrink personally owned, according to police.

Review reporter Cori Bolger contributed to this story.

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