by: David F. Ashton, Kennedy Withers shows us her matchbox-magnet diorama.

It's one of the most original craft-making ideas we've seen in years: Making 'Matchbox Diorama Magnets'.

When we visited artist Shanon Schollian on Sunday, November 11th, she was introducing this project to families who'd come to work at a craft activity - at the Sellwood Branch Library.

'A diorama is a little three-dimensional picture in a box-like frame,' explained Schollian. 'When they're done, we put a magnet on the back so it will stick to the refrigerator.'

Starting with small empty matchboxes, crafters used printed images, buttons, beads, toys, ribbons, and fabrics supplied by Schollian, to make their miniature works of art.

Many of the crafters present stayed and made several dioramas. 'I think they'll make nice Christmas gifts,' a girl said as she showed off her handiwork.

When we asked Ms. Schollian if she originated this craft idea, she replied, 'I've never seen this anywhere else, so I think it is an original idea. What I do is making art out of little things and recycled materials.'

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