Organization - PEO's name may be a mystery, but not its mission to raise scholarship funds
by: Courtesy Photo, Forest Grove resident Laura Frye (center) pours tea for women who attended a fund-raiser in the home of Carol Drew last week to raise money for PEO scholarships.

Every year, the three PEO Sisterhood chapters in Forest Grove raise money for scholarships for women - and each year brings a new way to do it.

Last week, a group of 16 women gathered at tables in the inviting Old Town home of PEO member Carol Drew for a fund-raiser tea.

As the women got to know one another and admired the holiday charm of Drew's home, Laura Frye, PEO chapter president, and other members brought out plate after plate of cookies, dainty sandwiches, fruit and scones.

Eventually, a member instructed women at one table, 'The point is to eat.'

Guests obliged, sampling one tasty morsel after another as Frye and Drew poured tea at the event, just one of many fund-raisers the group planned for this year. Currently, two young women from Forest Grove - Ellie Camp and Melynn Vandehey - are recipients of PEO scholarships.

Camp is a student at Portland Community College and Vandehey is a student at Oregon State University.

'We give scholarships to women graduating from high school and to women whose college education has been interrupted,' said Frye. 'We also contribute to international peace scholarships, giving women from other countries the chance to study here.'

A portion of the money raised also goes to PEO's Cottey College in Nevada, Mo.

'Women can apply to us,' said Frye. 'In our case, the ultimate decision is made by the state chapter.' Scholarships range from several hundred to several thousand dollars.

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