As the holiday decorations soon make their way into boxes for next year's celebrations, don't stop the organization there. Many Lake Oswego and West Linn families will welcome new babies in 2008, need a baby shower gift or rearrange their children's rooms.

Ann Adrian, owner of Goodnight Room in Bridgeport Village, said that cleaning out the clutter and getting organized shouldn't be a chore - it should be fun. The store carries many pieces that can start as functionality for an infant and remain useful enough to carry off to college.

And most items are on sale through the end of January, so start making your list and checking it twice.

1. MOSES BASKET: The Moses Basket ($110-$180) is lovely and practical. An alternative to a bassinet or cradle, the sturdy basket with soft linens makes it easy to keep baby close, around the house and on the go.

'This gives the family flexibility. You can put it on a stand ($39.99) right next to your bed, making it easy to take care of the baby at night. You can put it in the living room or kitchen countertop. It's great for going to a friend's house for dinner,' Adrian said. '(This way the baby is) not sitting up uncomfortable in their car seat. They are in a comfortable environment.'

The linens can be removed to be washed and Adrian said that when many girls grow up they use the basket for their dolls.

'It's a modern day convenience that can become a family heirloom,' Adrian said.

2. WALL D…COR: Whether it's a child's name spelled in large wood letters, oversized canvas murals or wood squares hung by ribbon showcasing vintage wall paper prints, a child's room should be personalized and functional.

'Families are always in transition while a family is growing; maybe an office becomes a nursery or maybe there's a job transfer. It's very common that families do a lot of regrouping in the early years,' Adrian said. 'We really encourage 'art to go.' We're not big fans of painted murals on walls. While they are beautiful, you'll probably eventually paint over it. And they are expensive.'

The shop features stretched canvas, canvas murals that can be easily rolled up and moved somewhere else as well as other, decorative wall art pieces ($19-$180).

'We also like things placed low,' Adrian said, 'so the children can see them.'

3. WALL SHELF AND MIRROR: A matching peg wall shelf ($89) and mirror ($115) not only teaches the importance of cleaning up, but also allows for a place to store treasures - and to admire the progress.

'This is a great shelf for storage, coats, hats and belts. Kids tend to go through phases as to what their favorite treasures are. This shelf could be a place for party favors from the last birthday party,' Adrian said.

Adrian said it is important to have a mirror in a child's room.

'It's great for self-image,' Adrian said. 'This is also great for a teenager. It's going to last - and it comes in five classic colors.'

4. BOOKCASES: In keeping with room organization, bookcases ($110+) in a variety of sizes - including tall narrow ones for smaller bedrooms - hold the space for endless possibilities.

'It's really important that a child has a bookcase in their room,' Adrian said. 'It reinforces the importance of reading and makes their books and treasures accessible. We're giving them ways to clean up after themselves and stay organized. They are a part of the process for keeping their room clean.'

5. CLOCKS AND MOBILES: Clocks ($16.95-$80) are not only helpful to tell time, but are a decorative element on any wall.

'A clock is important, not only because it teaches (the child) what time to get up, but also accountability and responsibility,' said Adrian. 'Clocks are also important because you need to know when you visited (the baby) last, or when you last fed.'

Goodnight Room features clocks in all shapes and sizes - and animals and mermaids.

Instead of the traditional mobile that hangs over a crib, Adrian suggests hanging fancy butterflies, airplanes or hot air balloons.

'They can have these up for a long time,' Adrian said. 'They are colorful and hung by fish wire.'

6. STEP STOOL: The Step 'N Store ($45) foot stool is a great place to store 'special stuff' and helps kids reach places that are a bit too tall for them.

'This is great for a kitchen or bathroom and makes them more independent,' Adrian said, 'which helps their parents as well.'

The stool contains a storage lid within the top step.

7. BEDS: Beds are an investment, but don't have to be hard on the wallet ($300+). Goodnight Room carries a variety of bed arrangements - full beds with twin bunk beds, twin bunk beds, cribs that become full bed baseboards and headboards later and the list goes on.

'If (you are looking at) a twin bed, add a trundle or under drawer storage,' Adrian said. 'Trundles (a mattress that rolls out underneath the regular mattress) is great for guests or sleepovers.'

If you're worried about the child falling out of their new, tall bed, purchase an adjustable frame. Start the mattress a few inches off the floor, and as the child becomes more comfortable in the 'grown up bed' crank it up.

8. GLIDING CHAIR: Goodbye wooden rocking chair and say hello to the beautiful gliding upholstered chair ($399+) and ottoman ($169).

'It can go in a child's room, playroom, parents' bedroom or living room. It's nice and wide so there's comfort for mommy and for nursing purposes,' Adrian said. 'It's great for storytime as they get older. The gliding motion is much easier on the legs than the rocking motion. By having your feet up on the ottoman, it takes the pressure off your legs.'

The chair also swivels from side to side so you can get out of the chair easily with your baby in your arms. The set comes in a variety of performance fabrics that are easy to clean up.

9. DRESSER/CHANGING TABLE: Dressers ($689) suitable for a college student can start as a storage unit and changing table for baby items. A contour changing pad ($32) - comfortable changing foam pad with contoured edges - features a slip-resistant bottom and securing tabs, which can be placed on top of the dresser.

'You're going to start this as a changing (table) which snaps to the back of the dresser so it's nice and secure. Diapers, wipes and creams can stay in the top drawer. There are great big deep drawer and (their) clothes get bigger and bigger, you'll need the space,' Adrian said. 'Some (dressers) come with (built-in) trays on top.'

10. LIGHTING: Chandeliers ($70 to $300) are a great way to add femininity and extra lighting into a little girl's room. They are meant to be accent lights.

'They are great over a desk or chair,' Adrian said. 'I think it's important to have subtle lighting because as a parent you are trying to get your child to settle down. (You can have a) lamp on a stand, overhead lights and night lights. Night lights are a great in case children have to get up in the middle of the night, or are afraid of monsters.'

Goodnight Room is located at 7283 SW Bridgeport Road in Tigard. The store can be reached at 503-684-9510. Visit the Web site www.goodnight for more information. Prices listed here are before the sale.

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