A planning company apparently working for Walmart has filed plans and building permit requests to remodel a former grocery store on Highway 43 in West Linn.

As first reported in the Tidings this month, the retail giant plans to open one of its smaller neighborhood 'market' stores in the former Bales Marketplace at 19133 Willamette Drive in the Robinwood Shopping Center.

Shawn Nguy, a project manager for PacLand, submitted plans late last week showing some proposed interior and exterior improvements that appear in line with a typical grocery store, city officials said.

Exterior changes include a fresh coat of paint in the same shade as the existing façade. The city has not received any applications for signage or changes that would trigger a requirement for public input at this point, officials said. The plans will be checked to ensure they comply with state building code; neither the city council nor staff has any discretion in this review process.

Because the company doesn't appear to be proposing a whole new store - it instead is leasing a site already approved for a grocery operation - it's unclear what sorts of permits might be required, if any.

City officials expect to spend two to three weeks reviewing the application.

Walmart spokeswoman Tiffany Moffatt, who recently announced the company's plans to open a store in West Linn and another in Lake Oswego, didn't give a timeline for opening the new ventures, but she said the company 'looks forward to engaging with residents and stakeholders in both communities to listen, answer questions and share information about the company and our Walmart Market format.'

Walmart's markets, typically about 42,000 square feet, are smaller than the company's traditional superstores. They offer groceries, general merchandise and pharmaceuticals at Walmart's characteristic low prices, according to the company's website.

The selection in the new West Linn location might include:

* Produce;

* Meat and dairy products;

* Frozen food;

* Deli items;

* Baked goods;

* Pet supplies;

* Dry goods and canned food;

* Health and beauty aids;

* Stationery and paper goods;

* Household supplies;

* Photo center;

* Drive-through pharmacy.

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