by: SUBMITTED PHOTO The West Linn Old Time Fair court princesses wave to the crowd during Saturday’s parade.

Why did it rain on our parade?

To the Editor:

Old Time Fair Parade: Let's start a petition to move this to the summer in future years - it feels like January.

Thank You!

Eric Finch

West Linn

Keeping commitment to city, neighborhood objectives

To the Editor:

The city council recently responded to a letter from the Willamette Neighborhood Association to the bankruptcy trustee overseeing the liquidation of Blue Heron Paper Company assets.

The bankruptcy of the Blue Heron Paper Company is an economic tragedy. The business failure of the company, however, offers our entire region a unique re-do in shaping our relationship with the Willamette River and its falls.

Like the Willamette Neighborhood Association, the West Linn City Council sees enormous potential in Blue Heron's approximately 39 acres within our city's boundaries. While the city does not have the resources to purchase the land, the council has land-use and zoning authority over the site.

We believe that environmental damage must be reversed as soon as possible, (so the) habitat (is) restored and (the) public access to the property is an important priority.

It is our understanding that the property will be sold by the bankruptcy trustee before the end of the year. We are committed to working with the new owner to realize long-standing city and neighborhood objectives and to make sure our citizens are given significant voice in determining the site's future use.

Mayor John Kovash

West Linn

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