NO JOE -- New rules call for decaffeinated students by 2008-09

When district-wide rules governing the dispensation of caffeinated beverages begin to kick in next fall, the ban on beans won't be felt right away at Forest Grove High School.

Students who are in the habit of picking up a cup of joe at the Viking coffee cart can still get their morning jolt - for now.

'We've given the students some time to experiment with other options, like smoothies and non-caffeinated drinks,' said Dave Willard, assistant superintendent.

For several years, students have flocked to the cart, located just inside the school's front entrance, to buy espresso drinks. But a new wellness policy, backed by the School Board, calls for a caffeine moratorium starting in 2008-09.

Because profits from coffee cart sales have traditionally supported the high school music program, officials weren't anxious to pull the plug all at once.

A team of folks at FGHS will 'look at alternatives' to reduce consumption of caffeinated coffee drinks by students, Willard said.

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