To the Editor:

I am writing in response to Ms. Kilpatrick's letter, 'Lake Grove also should get help' and Josh Thomas' response to her.

As a parent of a second-grader, I must agree with Jennifer. When I have walked my daughter or rode bikes to school with her, we have had more than one close call with a car. We always cross in the crosswalk at the appropriate time but the drivers on Oakridge, Bryant and Firwood seem to always be in a hurry and can hardly wait to turn onto Boones Ferry regardless if people are crossing or not. On one occasion I was brushed by a car while walking home with my daughter.

I think a show-your-speed-sign would help (yes, Josh, there is the 20-mile-an-hour sign there but few abide by it and rarely are police enforcing it). As a former Lake Grove student myself, a long time ago, we had student safety patrol, which I proudly participated in. Maybe it is time to bring that back. If Portland Public Schools can benefit from them, why not Lake Oswego?

Lisa Perry

Lake Oswego

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