Since the conception of Hollywood, celebrities have been admired and idolized by all those in reach of a magazine or remote control. Their seeming perfection has captured the public in its glowing grasp. We read about their dramatic, soap opera lives and follow their every changing fashion taste like mindless zombies. The society's admiration has gone well and beyond mere wonder to absolute obsession. As terrible as that might sound already it's not entirely that bad. The terrible truth that surfaces from this obsession is that not only does society track celebrity's every move but they fully trust them. Trust in not only celebrities' ability to perform well, but also trust in that they know everything there is to know about any topic.

In television and magazines we are exposed to celebrity's stands on political, social and even scientific opinions. As the public does with their taste in fashion, they believe every word they say. As minute and insignificant as this may sound, the situation will unquestionably create many problems.

If any other regular person with the same amount of knowledge that most of these celebrities possess were to stand up and represent some cause, not many would listen to care. This reveals the roots of this problem very clearly. To be a celebrity is to be known by many, to be famous. And for some reason America's fascination with familiar faces, especially ones just displayed in their favorite film, seem to have more integrity than scientists, doctors and novelists.

The only issue that celebrities and those like them are really competent in, naturally, is Hollywood. They play doctors, lawyers and scientists on the silver screen and unconsciously people are made to believe that they truly are at that level of intelligence. Between the claims of a qualified scientific professor and the opinions of Tom Cruise, the public will generally listen and care about what the celebrity is saying. Instead of trusting experts on weighty matters we have turned our ear to Joe 'What's-His-Face', whose last movie grossed over $100 million. Many times the star will make statements, which a person with the proper qualifications would not say, thus misinforming the public, and since the public is so adamantly fixated, this could produce a whole slew of troubles.

The idea that because their face is plastered on every bus and billboard obviously indicates that they have some sort of intelligent credibility to their word is ridiculous. Sure, many celebrities may know the basic information about the cause they're representing, but just because they decided to pick up the hobby advocating this or that does not mean that they are suddenly notable professionals in the field. America's obsession with Hollywood and all its gleaming inhabitants shows only the formidable future of the famed promoting their political or religious views and beloved causes, and having the world go along with every pre-written word they speak.

We can't have our country's opinions changed and molded by those with unprofessional opinions and ideas. That needs to be left to the experts, scholars, scientists and doctors who have devoted their life to certain fields and are fully educated about them. The world is not celebrity's stage on which they can sway the audience to believe some theatrical façade that they are attempting to create. The public should be informed by and trust the opinions and convictions of credible and intelligent professionals.

Danielle Chaves is a student at Lake Oswego High School.

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