The King City City Council chose Brenda Wilkinson to serve out the rest of the Council term vacated by Nancy Duthie who resigned in March.

Wilkinson will serve in the position until the term ends in December and will have to run for election this fall if she wants to keep the council seat.

The other two applicants for the position were David Harper, a mental health therapist with Legacy Hospital Group and David Newham, a retired businessman and construction contractor.

Each of the three applicants for the position were asked whether they would be able to withstand the pressure of being a City Councilor, and how they would handle criticism from the public they serve.

'I wouldn't have applied if I didn't think I could do it,' Wilkinson told the Council during her interview.

Wilkinson, a retired administrator, is the wife of former Councilor and Mayor of King City, Bud Wilkinson.

The interviews of the individual candidates were held in at a public meeting June 7 while the other candidates were out of the Council Chambers.

After being told who would be the interim Councilor, both Harper and Newham were reminded that four Council positions are going to be up for election on the fall ballot and they were encouraged to run for public office.

Neither Harper or Newham could say if they would be doing so.

City Councilors Jim Gates, Ray Robinson, Dick Winn and Sam Locklin as well as Mayor Chuck Faes discussed the merits of the three before deciding on Wilkinson.

The Council felt that any of the three would be excellent choices for representing King City, but it was Wilkinson's experience working with her husband while he was on the Council and her own work with the Community Fund Development Program that gave her an edge.

'She will be able to help us with what we have to do,' said Faes. 'But we've got three fine people who've applied. They've all got something to offer but we have to choose only one.'

Councilor Wilkinson will be sworn in at the June 21 meeting in City Hall.

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