Another summer hazard is fast approaching with the Fourth of July holiday.

If recent experience is any indication, local residents will begin setting off their fireworks days prior to the actual holiday and continue for days after it. Our preference would be for everyone to attend an organized fireworks display and leave the pyrotechnics to the professionals. Short of that, there are some cautions in order for those who cannot resist their own backyard show:

• Don't let children light fireworks.

• Be respectful of your neighbors and especially their pets.

• Keep the display outdoors, on your own property and not in public areas.

• Store fireworks out of children's reach.

• Talk to your children about the consequences of misusing fireworks. Parents are liable for any damage or injuries caused by their children using fireworks.

These are but a few suggestions from local fire officials. But perhaps the best advice would be to forego the backyard fireworks altogether and watch the shows at Blue Lake Park or Corbett.

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