The theft of mail, an increasing personal hazard in an era in which identity theft has become the fastest growing crime, took on a new dimension on Tuesday, June 20th, when a postal letter carrier delivering mail just east of Woodstock, in the Mt. Scott neighborhood, was temporarily disabled by an electric shock from a Taser weapon.

Portland Police say that one of the assailants was a man between 20 and 30 years of age, about 5' 7' tall, with brown hair, and the other was a woman in the same age range, 5' 6' tall, weighing an estimated 170 pounds, also with brown hair. They are thought to be driving a white sedan, either a Plymouth or Chrysler, from the early 1990's.

In the attack, which took place near S.E. 69th and Knight, mail being delivered by the carrier was stolen. The postal worker reportedly has fully recovered from the effects of the Taser.

Residents in the immediate area are now being advised to monitor their accounts for signs of fraudulent activity, which might arise from misuse of bills, statements, and credit card offers addressed to them which may have been in the stolen mail.

And in the meantime, a $50,000 reward has been offered for information leading to the arrest of the suspects. Theft of mail is a federal crime.

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