After reading the article about the $26,000 pay increase for Superintendent Jerry Colonna I can see why the Beaverton School District is always asking voters for more money. The size of this pay increase is out of line when compared to inflation and the overall cost of living. None of us in the private sector ever receives this size of pay increase, no matter how good our work is. What else is the district spending excessive amounts of money on that I do not know about?

I am 51 years old and have been employed by a major copier company for 27 years. I work hard every day and do what is expected of me. I have not received any pay increase or any type of bonus for several years now. I have also been informed that I will not receive another pay increase or bonus as long as I have this position.

During 2007 I may also have my salary slashed by 33 percent based on a business plan that was implemented several years ago. I know that I am not the only one in this situation.

Until the Beaverton School Board proves to me that they use my taxes responsibly, I will not vote them any more of my money.

I work too hard for my money and I will not allow it to be spent foolishly.



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